A Christian view of the human

Brian Harris has written a book called “the Big Picture; Building blocks of a Christian worldview” which Jesus Creed is doing a series on;

Seven elements configure into the Christian view of humans:

1. We are created by God.

2. As such, we possess an “alien dignity,” something God grants to us: the image of God.

3. Therefore, meaning lies outside us and in relation to God.

4. We have an eternal dimension.

5. We are embodied persons. More than animals, but not less than.

6. We are designed as social beings, made for community.

7. We are image-bearers (what I call “Eikons”).

But what does Image of God mean?

Is this what we do (rule) or what we are (relationality) or what we can do better than the rest (rationality, morality) or all of these combined and perhaps more?

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