Friday Link List | 22nd April 2016

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What I’ve posted

Theology and Christianity

Brown…describes gratitude as a spiritual practice, which connects gratitude to doxology. As Brown writes, “joyfulness and gratitude [are] spiritual practices that [are] bound to a belief in human connectedness and a power greater than us.”

Margin is like oxygen— everybody needs some. If we have too little, we suffer from the shortage. If we have too much, the excess will not benefit us additionally. But having the right amount permits us to breathe freely.

So we are not basically good in the sense that we – our own self-created egos – carry with us, independently, what we need. We are good in the sense that God is good, and has marked humanity with God’s image.

News and Miscellany

  • This is another brilliantly written piece from Fernando Gros on Prince, which was especially illuminating for someone like me who knew very little of his impact on music. Fernando seems to be able to write about things I don’t have much interest in and make them readable and engaging.

  • Always great Linked List // 15 April 2016 from mbjones

  • ISIS have been pushed back out of Palmyra and this piece from Big Picture shows the extent of the damage.

Productivity and Habits

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  1. I got 67 (barely progressive) in my Hermeneutics. I was just pondering war in the old testament as I’m going through Joshua right now! Finished a book by a anabapstist professor called “the problem of war in the old testament” 🙂

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