Friday Link List | 25th September 2015

Every Friday I’m posting links to things I’ve read this week that I think you might find interesting too, next week I want to start sharing some links readers of the site are finding interesting…If you read something you think should be featured here submit it here, starting your message LINK LIST SUGGESTION.

This weeks title image was taken in Goudini near Rawsonville South Africa where we spent a few days this week.


Is the Bible History?

If you can allow it to hold your attention for long enough, it’s worth your time to wrap your head around this article by Greg Boyd about whether the Bible is reliable history or not. For those not used to the density of theological reading, take it slow and it will reward you.

Work is the new Sex

Last year Skye Jethani came and spoke to the MA program I was involved in and since has become one of the most under-known, yet reliable and incisive voices in cultural commentary.

These two posts are worth your time – Work is the new sex (Part 1 \ Part 2)

Phyllis Tickle dies

Christian Author Phyllis Tickle died earlier this week, here are a couple more personal reflections on her life from Jamie Arpin Ricci and Andrew Jones

5 Permissions for Missions

A few friends indepedently mentioned how useful this blog was in the past week. It was posted by Floyd McClung, but was originally written by Michéle Phoenix:

Five Permissions Missionaries Need

1.Permission To Be Confused
2. Permission To Be Flawed
3. Permission To Rest
4. Permission to Spend
5. Permission to quit

read more here

Oliver O’ Donovan on Spontaneity and Tradition

Interesting quote from Theological ethicist Oliver O’ Donovan on the connection between the admiration for spontanaeity (a God of our age) and reverence for tradition (a trend increasingly catching among evangelicals);

Admiration for spontaneity and reverence for tradition are, of course, aspects of the same failing: a refusal to bring this Christological principle of criticism to the manifestation of spirits, present or past, within the church. What, after all, is tradition other than spontaneity in slow motion? The Montanist movement of the second and third centuries illustrates archetypically the church’s double temptation to value spontaneous innovations in themselves and then to build them into a new law.

via Think Theology


Picturing her time on the ISS

Italy’s first female astronaut documents her time in the I SS

Texture and Memory by Fernando Gros

Sometimes the subject of a blog will have little to no draw for me at all, but then the way in which it is written is so engaging you just cannot stop. This was the case for Fernando Gros’ piece on Texture and Memory

a few favourite moments;

Texture is the memory a material possesses, the way it recalls the journey from raw material to processed form.


Classic style is kind of like preservation. It isn’t keeping things for the sake of keeping them, but remaking them in a way that sustains a sense of identity, or tradition. The classic style can actually be renewed and reinterpreted from generation to generation. It’s permanent, but not fixed

Friends interview friends

One friend Jonathan morgan interviewing another friend Dougal Paterson here.

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