Friday (on sunday) Link List | 17th January 2016

Every Friday I’m posting links to things I’ve read this week that I think you might find interesting too, next week I want to start sharing some links readers of the site are finding interesting…If you read something you think should be featured here submit it here, starting your message LINK LIST SUGGESTION.

What I posted recently

Well, it’s been a busy week back to work (yes, work other than writing on here), and we had a massive wild fire locally pictured here.

But I was delighted for the first time in a while to post a guest post from my friend Isaac Aho; Tolstoy on Christian non-violence.

Secondly, I posted a story (not mine), about an encounter around african polygamy which helps demonstrate how things which seems so clear cut from a distance become more human and therefore complex the closer you are to them.

Other than that I indulged in posting a little music (mostly for the last 40 seconds of the song!) Watch that here | MuteMath – Vitals.



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