Links for (almost) Friday | 1st May 2015

Every Friday I’m posting links to things I’ve read this week that I think you might find interesting too, this week got a little carried away with itself, so here is the link list on Saturday! See you again monday with the long-promised Steve Schallert Interview


  • Here in South Africa the power grid cycles power through different areas to keep the whole system working. Every few days we lose power for a few peak hours. As someone who grew up outside of South Africa it still feels more of a novelty than a distraction. Here’s a cool video of the Cape Town city bowl which begins during the loadshedding (no power) and then it comes on, quite a jump!

  • The Atlantic has a very interesting photo-article on “nail houses”; older houses which refuse to accept compensation to be demolished for larger, modern, often more corporate projects. What is most incredible about images like these are the imaginations of the stories (which are only briefly gestured to in the photo captions). What kind of connection do they have to that place? What has the construction been like? What do their families think? Read more here


  • Our friend and leader of All Nations Floyd Mcclung has a book coming out this week on Leading like Jesus. Check more out here

  • In the midst of tragedy (like in Nepal this past week), I often find my prayers more wordless than anything else. Not silence strictly speaking, but reverence and more of the groans of Romans 8:36. That is why I have found written prayer increasingly useful for me, here is one from Scot McKnight relating to the tragedy this week in Nepal;

Our merciful and listening Father,
In whose Son’s cries in Gethsemane our intercessions come before you in full love,
We join our concerns and compassions in your Son’s for those who have died, who are suffering, and who are tending those who suffer,
And we pray for mercy and speedy relief;
Who with you and the Holy Spirit lives, reigns and loves all your creation,
One God, forever and ever.

  • Given my article on creating margins for neighbours, GK Chesterton’s thoughts were nicely captured in the think theology blog around the same subject.

We make our friends; we make our enemies; but God makes our next door neighbour. – GK Chesterton

  • Think Theology also posted some thought around are science and faith opposed. Contrary to all the synthesisers out there, thankfully they conclude they are…

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