Links for Friday | 10th April 2015

Every Friday I’m posting links to things I’ve read this week that I think you might find interesting too

Why every Christian should rightly pass for an atheistThis is not a short read, but it is a fascinating article drawing out the dynamis of the life of faith that means we can never fully apprehend our faith as something static and disconnected from the life of God and our own fragility.

“But there is yet another way that I think any Christian can authentically confess to “quite rightly pass for an atheist.” In fact, I would go so far as to say that every Christian should be (miss)taken for an atheist. Now, before the inquisitors begin to build their brush piles and gather their tinder, let me confess that I am speaking of being taken for an atheist in a certain sense and for a particular reason. And on this point I take my cue from the reputation of the early Christians within the Roman Empire. This may come as a surprise to many (Christians and non-Christians alike), but the early Christians were commonly referred to by others as “atheists,” and I would argue that not enough has been made of this. There are important insights to be gleaned from this little known fact of Christian history…”

  • The lost world of adam & eveis is a podcast and not something to read, but it is an interview and a new book that brings fresh ways of thinking about genesis that transcends the tired creation evolution divide.

  • Slavoj Zizek is not a name you will often hear in many christian circles. He is a Slovenian post-modern philosopher/poltical theorist, and plays to all the charactures you could imagine attached to those labels. The Guardian just released a short video where he made the claim “The ultimate freedom is LOVE” – Watch it here!

  • A Good friend and co-worker recently got featured on ‘the sweet setup’ blog which is a spin off of Shawn Blancs’ old blog series. Brandon works in Kenya and has some interesting ways to get things done between his times in the city and out in the bush, read more here

  • Finally, after almost a decade classical guitarist Jose Gonzalez has released his new album, beautiful guitars and melodies – heres mu favourite song (and the first single) on Spotify Leaf off or alternatively, listen to it below;

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