Links for Friday | 24th April 2015

Every Friday I’m posting links to things I’ve read this week that I think you might find interesting too –


Firstly, if you’ve ever owned an apple device, at some point you’ve wished the battery lasted a little longer, tech blogger marco arment considers what this might looks like across the apple product line here

One of my favourite apple bloggers from italy, Frederico Viticci, writes at macstories. This week he wrote a full review on the iPhone 6 plus and why he mistakenly wrote off the device originally. This is the phone I’m using right now and although I’ll admit to it being a little unwieldy, it is great for reading and photos.

Not exactly sure what draws me to these ‘sweet setup’ interviews, and similar gear list-type blogs, but this one was particularly interesting with a $22 standing desk and a home-hacked keyboard. Geeky delight!


Why do some horrors capture our attention and others float off into media obscurity – David Mills quoted on Jesus Creed blog speaks about how those of us from the west are failing christians who are dying. Contrasting the coverage of the Hebdo murders he writes;

The Hebdo murders, suggest the editors of the Jewish Daily Forward, “were horrifying and impactful not because of the number, but because of where they took place — in the heart of cosmopolitan Europe — and who was killed and why. And, perhaps, because the victims were white.”
Read more here

This week I wrote about my struggle to find the margins which lead to authentic friendships taking place. My thought arose from Brad Brisco’s post about it here, well worth a read and reflect.

Jesus Creed Blog pulls out a great section of Marilynne Robinsons book, Gilead, surely one of my favourite books of the last few years. Marilynne Robinson uses the main character to share the difference between a prophet and a pharisee (scribe).

How do you tell a scribe from a prophet, which is what he clearly takes himself to be? The prophets love the people they chastise, a thing this writer does not appear to me to do.

Why in the fast-paced gospel of Mark do we get a run down on John-the-Baptist’s diet? Could it have been symbolic – thats a theory that ThinkTheology is citing this week. Interesting stuff!


The Flickr Blog put together an amazing set of images from Tehran, Iran. There is something captivating about images from a place which is so shrouded in mystery for most of us in the west.

This year I’m meant to be writing a thesis to complete an MA course I was taking. I found this series of posts interesting on things learnt through the process.

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