Links for Friday | 29th May 2015

Every Friday I’m posting links to things I’ve read this week that I think you might find interesting too,

So, its been a quiet week on this blog, partly due to this


We’ve been travelling back from India, and on our first flight I was carted off by paramedics with some pretty dramatic food poisoning! All is well now though, and after a night at home we are back on the road, hence the slow down with blogging.


Becoming a frequently linked location Think Theology had a brilliant and short article about when is a “christian” not a “christian”. Spoiler alert; Luther is in the cross hairs here.

Skye Jethani who is the writer of the “with” book I’ve been writing s hort series on here and here, had an excellent piece on what the recent vote on gay marriage in Ireland could teach America, and more broadly those who wish for more christian influence in the public spheres.

While I don’t really agree with every turn this post takes, Reknew has a post on the challenge of the (false) dichotomy in missions of gospel proclamation and justice works. It is a real tension that exists in missional practise, and mostly because of the dichotomy exist in a prediminantly western context. Jethani cites John Stott in finding the third where one doesn’t need to become the casualty of the other.

I love books and I love lists, you know you thing I love more, lists of books! Here is a list of ways to get involved in reading reformed systematics, in my imaginary world with more capacity, I’d love to work through something like this.


Amazon released a new font for Kindle app which helps reading and was a welcome change as I have been using kindle much more than usual on my last couple of trips.

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