Links for Friday | 3rd April 2015

1. Here’s some links for the weekend, hopefully yours is one with enough time and space to enter into this story of redemption and again and join Christ in the laying down and raising up!

Awkward Holy Saturday – This is a great review of a book on Holy Saturday called “The Glorious Dark” and an invitation to consider the significance of the saturday where Jesus lay dead.

“…only Christianity insists that a legitimate stage of holiness is hopelessness.”

**2.** [Radioactive Fukushima (the Clean up)]( – The Boston Globe’s big picture blog was a pretty consistent feature over at my last blog, giving large scale photos which feature news from around the world. Unfortunately they include a payment gateway now which means you can look at 5 articles before become a subscriber! Either way, I become fascinated at looking at what is happening after news events fall away from the headlines. This photostory shows the cleanup which still goes on after the nuclear meltdown at fukushima. The scale is extraordinary.

**3.** [World Travel ‘sweet setup’]( – Even though I don’t travel as much as many of my globe trotting friends (I’m looking at you [Johnny](, [Floyd]( and [Noah]( ) – I do *love* to read about travel hacks. [^1] I love reading how people use technology to be productive while they move.

> My name is Mike Dickens, and I’m currently traveling around the world with my wife — Hello from Mendoza, Argentina!. Before embarking on our one-year sabbatical..[Read More](

4. The praying heart – As a person and as a pastor, I have struggled with developing a daily practice of prayer. Countless people have talked to me over the years about this same challenge…

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[^1]: a hack is something that simply makes something easier, in a clever way!

CC Title Image: Flickr: Lawrence OP

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