Friday Link List | 13th August 2015

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Typhoons and Travel

As you will have seen this week has been a little slow on the blogging, we travelled back from three weeks in Taiwan and got stuck in Typhoon Soudelor, fortunately we were in the south in Tainan and didn’t experience too much danger.


Kickstarter Friends

A couple of friends are dreaming up exciting projects that you might want to consider being a part of by contributing up front on their kickstarter and then receiving their final products once they’re done.

Andrew Breitenberg AKA Selah, producing the Book of Mark as an overflow of his parallel bible platform connecting beautiful images to scripture. See more here

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 09.16.55

Liana and Jason Stone who we’ve been fortunate enough to play music with in the past are going to put together a new album which will be great. See more here


Floyd McClung blogging

Speaking of Selah, our friend Floyd McClung who is on sabbatical this year in the US posted two worthwhile posts this past week;

  • A Guest post on Selah / ‘to pause’ from Mark Buckley
  • Jesus Loves Africa – This simply articulates so much of why we are based in south africa, and the way we feel called to live out following Jesus here;

Sally and I feel called to give the rest of our lives to invest in the leaders and the church in Africa. Why? Because the church is the hope of Africa. Every African leader needs friends who believe in them – and who will invest in their lives through friendship and discipleship.

This calling has ‘caught’ with us in a deep way..

Writing on an iPad

Although I don’t own an iPad anymore, I’m fascinated by a movement of people who are giving up computers and doing even complex computing tasks on an iPad. It does seem like writing could be one of its greatest strengths, read more on Tools an Toys here

Meteor Showers

Here are some pretty spectacular shots on Flickr of Meteor showers, just incredible


The Adventure you’ve been longing for

I like Allan Bevere’s post about needing more sense of adventure in western society, and how the gospel is intended to meet that inner desire..Read more here

Several months prior to departure he put the following ad in the London paper:

Men wanted for hazardous journey. Small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in case of success.

Human beings long to give themselves to a great cause. It may not be a hazardous trip to the South Pole, but most human beings desire to be part of something that makes their lives count for something more than living the routine. We want our lives to be spent for something important.

Having made a trip to India and Taiwan this year, I can say there is some necessity to a book like this “Going Abroad: How to Answer the Call of Nature Anywhere in the World” – A Bathroom survival guide

At one end of the spectrum, there is the squat toilet. This may appear to be simply a porcelain hole in the ground with foot rests, but you can learn to use it.

. The problems at the other end of the spectrum involve high tech toilets in more advanced countries, particularly Japan. The important thing is to learn how to flush them without needing to call down to the hotel reception desk for assistance.

Read more here

Religion is inherently political

My old friend Arni Zachariassen from the Faroes wrote a great piece on The Religios being political.

I spent the last week trying to teach on discipleship to taiwanese college students, and this quote from Lindbeck sums up much of what I was trying to encourage them, to get inside the story;

“To become a Christian involves learning the story of Israel and of Jesus well enough to interpret and experience oneself and one’s world in its terms. A religion… molds and shapes the self and its world” (Lindbeck, 34).

Arni sums up the whole post brilliantly;

(1) politics are religious since they are reflections of what we believe and (2) secularism, despite advocating for a non-religious space, is religious because it is making implicit theological claims regarding the limits and place of religion.

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