Jim Martin on Essential practises

As Ever Jim Martin is writing simple yet profound lists, check out his marriage series and this 4 Essential practises for church leaders, could easily be, practises for all christians…

1. Take Care of your mind

Some read only the latest books from well-known preachers. The mind, however, needs exercise. For many years I have read widely

2. Take Care of your soul

…one must be intentional about cultivating a heart that is available for what God wishes to do in that person’s life.

3. Take care of your emotions

Frankly, having a few healthy friendships can help a person with emotional care. Yet, many ministers speak of the loneliness and lack of intimacy that characterizes their lives.

4. Take care of your body

When I was a young minister, several older ministers warned me about this. One person told me that as a young man, he didn’t exercise, rested very little, and neglected his body.

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