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Even before I was working in South Africa I was working in a reasonably self-directive environment. I don’t suspect I am a naturally organised person1, but I’ve developed some skills to pull it out of the bag when I need to.

That being said I also love to collect information 2, the danger is to learn and create systems round productivity that end up becoming the most ironic killers of actual productivity.

Arguably learning a skill is more useful that have natural talent because, you have to fight for it, you discover the mechanics and component parts in ways that are simply intuitive for those with talent in the same area.

All that to say, I’ve done a good bit of reading, slightly less practioning, but feel like I have a good grasp on common wisdom related to it. Thats why I think you should check out Jim Martins blog, Jim in 10 points shares most of the common wisdom I’ve heard in a bite-size way.

Here’s a few of my favourites;

  1. I will work for 25 minutes and then take a break. For larger projects, I will work for 90 minutes and take a break.

  2. For years, I focused on making lists… However, I am now very intentional about placing these items on my actual calendar with a start/stop time scheduled.

  3. Exercise. For many years, I ran either in the mornings or the afternoons. Now I go to a gym. There have been times in recent weeks in which I stopped going to the gym regularly. This resulted in a noticeable drop in my energy level.

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  1. (you can ask my wife or close friends for a real call on that!) 
  2. I have strength finders input up there pretty high! 

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