Entering into Advent | A Lectio Letter Preview

This is a preview of an article from my members-only newsletter The Lectio Letter. To find out more and to read this entire article head to LectioLetter.com “We are adrift. I know that seems dramatic, but it becomes… Read More

The Lectio Letter

At the end of last year, I started a writing project called Lectio Letter hence the quietness on this blog in the past twelve months. I do intend to keep writing for this blog but I will also… Read More

Who is telling the time?

Part of the reason things here on the blog have been so stop and go are my activities with the new Centre for Christian Formation and Discipleship. The first part of my series on Time, Advent and the… Read More

Untangling the Circles of our Lives

It can seem like we have less and less time, less relational energy and yet various voices within the Church consistently compete for when and where we should be spending that time. “We should spend time with other… Read More

Aaand…I’m back.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: I have had a long-delayed writing project that I had to finish. I vowed not to write anywhere else until it was done. Well, that seemed like a great idea until it didn’t work. Alas,… Read More

The Neuroscience of Generosity

I’ve been thinking about acts of giving, generosity and the jewish practise (adopted by many christians) of tithing. It’s a complex category of thoughts that often strike directly at the heart of some of the motivating factors of… Read More

Why Evangelicals LOVE Donald Trump

Im almost embarrased to be jumping on the “donald trump” train of conversation here, but it is, as I mentioned last week, a car-crash-type spectacle that no matter how hard you might try you just cannot look away…. Read More

4 Ways forward from Co-dependency

In the first part of this post on co-dependency we looked at indicators for co-dependent tendencies including this list here. Make sure to read part one here before reading the rest of this. Yikes! I ticked a lot… Read More

Defining Codependency

Do you find yourself constantly considering your own self-worth in light of someone‚Äôs perception of you? Do you observe people interacting in ways that seem inappropriately intimate and exclusive? Both of these examples highlight a tendency towards codependency,… Read More

4 Questions to ask before entering a conflict

I was listening to the Liturgist podcast, and came across what I think are 4 great questions to process as you consider stepping into a conflict-type environment. I, much like the writer of this post, am naturally conflict-averse… Read More