Where is God’s presence?

Where is God’s presence, How are we to long for it, How much of it should we expect, and How much are we to be it for one another? I have been thinking alot about these ideas through… Read More

Awaken Magazine republished Song of Sorrows / Songs of Hope Review

I’m grateful to have been featured on Monday in Awaken Magazine with a re-post of my review of Steve Schallerts album Songs of Sorrow / Songs of Hope – It was one of my first posts on this… Read More

Spoken | Podcasting lite?

I’m a serial early-adopter, which basically means that if there is an interesting service online with a queue for trial testers, and enough buzz around the tech world, I’m probably on the beta list. For the last 12… Read More

Friday Link List | 12th June 2015

Every Friday I’m posting links to things I’ve read this week that I think you might find interesting too, Theology God made us to love him and respond in a life of work with him, that being said,… Read More

What does it mean to come Home? | Gilead – Marilynne Robinson

What a strange old book it was. How oddly holiness situated itself among the things of the world, how endlessly creation wrenched and strained under the burden of its own significance. “I will open my mouth in a… Read More

Practise makes Spontaneous brilliance

I am not a person (by nature 1) who enjoys repetition. In fact, I thrive on changing circumstances. This has slowly shifted the older I get, but when I had a ‘sit-down-at-a-desk’ type job, I had to fill… Read More