A Theology of Joy with NT Wright and Miroslav Volf

Nt Wright and Miroslav Volf on a Theology of Joy

The 6 Most Important Christian Leadership Skills

A few days ago a friend emailed me asking what had been significant skills that I had sought to develop in Christian Leadership. I really considered it a privilege to be asked to input into this area and… Read More

British Worldview by NT Wright

Worldview is something you see with rather that something you look at, as NT wright points out at the beginning of this video. Another person I heard once said, trying to change your worldview is like trying to… Read More

The Significance of water | Salvation, Judgement, Cleansing and Baptism

At first glance, there is nothing striking about water. It makes up much of our planet and we need it to survive. Because of its ubiquitous nature, we are prone to think of it as normal and pedestrian… Read More

4 Questions to ask before entering a conflict

I was listening to the Liturgist podcast, and came across what I think are 4 great questions to process as you consider stepping into a conflict-type environment. I, much like the writer of this post, am naturally conflict-averse… Read More

Matter Matters

While reading Chris Hall’s – Worshipping with the Church Fathers, I came across this great paragraph from John of Damascus on why matter matters; Chris Hall introduces the importance of a sacramental (God’s graces transmitted in physicality) realism;… Read More

Cancer and the Prosperity Gospel

The prosperity gospel has taken a religion based on the contemplation of a dying man and stripped it of its call to surrender all. Perhaps worse, it has replaced Christian faith with the most painful forms of certainty…. Read More

Surviving Seminary | An Interview with Anne Harrington

Six years ago we met Anne Harrington through going on a short term outreach together. It was a formative experience for us, as the place we took our outreach to is the place we stayed, lived and worked… Read More

How the Invisible God becomes Visible | Part 2

In part 1, which you can read here, I wrote about the significance of Jesus becoming the image of the invisible God (a phrase from Colossians), and the significance of the idea of imaging God, which began in… Read More

The Very Best | Music on Mondays

This is the very Best