Book Notes: The Apostles Creed | Part 3 | “Father”

These are, as the title suggests, minorly edited book notes, but hoping that a few of you might enjoy a peek into them. The other posts in this series on the Apostles Creed can be found here. What… Read More

A quick thought on Heresy

I am writing more frequently these days in my newsletter “Lectio Letter“, but now and again I’m posting some of these quickfire thoughts on this blog too…here is one; Heresy is a term woefully out of fashion. Too… Read More

Ash Wednesday

In recent years, as readers of this blog will know, I’ve become more and more convinced that we need to redeem our days by setting our clocks to the story of Jesus. The Church through the ages has… Read More

MuteMath | Monument

British Worldview by NT Wright

Worldview is something you see with rather that something you look at, as NT wright points out at the beginning of this video. Another person I heard once said, trying to change your worldview is like trying to… Read More

The longer we wait, the larger we become, and the more joyful our expectancy.

In winter it seems that the season of Spring will never come, and in both Advent and Lent it’s the waiting that’s hard, the in-between of divine promise and its fulfillment …. Most of us find ourselves dangling… Read More