Money is to the west, what witchcraft is to Africa

I’ve been thinking about witchcraft a lot recently. Whilst in the west witchcraft is confined to images conjured by the opening scenes of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, or the sensationalist renderings of foreign cultures generated by national geographic cover photos,… Read More

Come Dance with me…

A Christian view of the human

Brian Harris has written a book called “the Big Picture; Building blocks of a Christian worldview” which Jesus Creed is doing a series on; Seven elements configure into the Christian view of humans: 1. We are created by… Read More

Defending the rights of Muslims | Skye Jethani

Here’s another good post from Skye Jethani on why it’s important for Christians to defend religious freedom for more than just Christians; In Barna’s 2012 study, which uncovered this same discrepancy, David Kinnaman wrote: “The research raises the… Read More

The Church assuming the dominant cultural forms

In the beginning the church was a fellowship of men and women centering on the living Christ. Then the church moved to Greece where it became a philosophy. Then it moved to Rome where it became an institution…. Read More

Plantinga, Calvin and Barth

Here’s Alvin Plantinga on Calvin’s understanding of Holy Spirits ministry from an interview on his relationship to Barth; Moore: Calvin’s understanding of the internal witness of the Spirit looms large for you. Would you give us a brief… Read More

Hearing God with Dallas Willard

God is speaking, He is speaking to human beings, yet so many people’s experience is that they do not hear him speaking to them. I listened to a great short interview with Dallas Willard on his book, Hearing… Read More

Friday Link List | 9th October 2015

Every Friday I’m posting links to things I’ve read this week that I think you might find interesting too, next week I want to start sharing some links readers of the site are finding interesting…If you read something… Read More

Worship in a minor key | James K.A. Smith on Ryan Adams cover of Taylor Swift 1989

James Smith wrote an article on listening to Ryan Adams cover of Taylor Swift 1989. I have to admit to having never listened to either artist. But I thought his reflections on how we depend on the character… Read More