4 Ways forward from Co-dependency

In the first part of this post on co-dependency we looked at indicators for co-dependent tendencies including this list here. Make sure to read part one here before reading the rest of this. Yikes! I ticked a lot… Read More

Easter truth from Colossians

Col 1:17 Christ existed before all things, and in union with him all things have their proper place. 18 He is the head of his body, the church; he is the source of the body’s life. He is… Read More

Defining Codependency

Do you find yourself constantly considering your own self-worth in light of someone’s perception of you? Do you observe people interacting in ways that seem inappropriately intimate and exclusive? Both of these examples highlight a tendency towards codependency,… Read More

Friday Link List | 18th March 2016

When I first started this blog, I wanted to start practising writing, but I also wanted to point people into the direction of interesting and unusual thinking. For all the ills of the internet age, the ability to… Read More

St. Patrick’s Day 2016

Patrick of Ireland (389 – 461) At the age of sixteen, Patrick was kidnapped from his home by Irish marauders and taken to Ireland, where he was sold as a slave to a chieftain and forced to herd… Read More

Training vs. Trying – part two | The key into Spiritual Disciplines

Before you read this post, make sure you head back and read part one first here. Practising the Presence So what does it look like to train in the kingdom of God. It looks like developing practises, literally… Read More

Patient endurance attains all things

“Let nothing disturb you, nothing dismay you. All [circumstances] are passing, God never changes. Patient endurance attains all things. God alone suffices.”

Training vs. Trying Part One | The key into Spiritual Disciplines

For much of my life I’ve both struggled with and enjoyed a slightly inflated sense of ability. That to say, I’ve often imagined myself capable of many things if only I would simply try them. Realising you can’t… Read More

Theology of Joy with Jürgen Moltmann & Miroslav Volf

A Theology of Joy with Jürgen Moltmann & Miroslav Volf