Music for the Waiting | Christmas and Advent

I once heard someone poetically say that “music is beauty over time.” I like that.  This season for the Church Calendar is the start of the year. Much like when Sunday was the beginning of the week and… Read More

John Wizards – Muizenberg | Music Mondays

The Brilliance – YHWH | Music Mondays

Benjamin James – Beggar | Music Mondays

Joel Limpic – Psalm 1 | Music Mondays

Psalm 1 – If you can’t see a way to play the music below this, click here Psalm 1 by Joel Limpic

The Liturgists – Vapor | Music Mondays

St Paul and the Broken Bones | Music Mondays

Music Mondays | Strahan – Hurricane Love


Mumford and Son, Beatenberg, Baaba Maal and the Very Best | Live in South Africa

I see my brother | The Brilliance