Spoken | Podcasting lite?

I’m a serial early-adopter, which basically means that if there is an interesting service online with a queue for trial testers, and enough buzz around the tech world, I’m probably on the beta list.

For the last 12 months, I’ve been thinking about podcasting. I was involved in a study program that brought some great thinkers and speakers to south Africa and there were always people that were not in the room that I thought would have loved to have been. Secondly I always find myself in scenarios where a speaker is being introduced and facilitated having an imagined alternative of how I might have introduced or facilitated them differently; different questions and nuances I might have picked up on.

So, in my mind hosting a podcast would be the perfect coming together of these two things. Both being able to guide the direction of discussion with interesting people and simultaneously sharing with those not in the room.

Here’s my only problem with podcasting…time.

I can rarely find enough time to listen to a 30-60min podcast, never mind the idea of recording and producing one.

And this is why I am excited about Spoken

Spoken promises to be the audio version of instagram, short edible moments of audio which are as easy to listen to as they are to record.

They have already got some great little recordings up there.

So instead of diving into the deep waters of podcasting I’m thinking of taking up spoken.co

Obviously, being a new release there are very few features so far. I’d love to see an embed option similar to something like soundcloud, and for there to be a good quality in-built recorder rather than only having the option to upload a file.

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One Comment on “Spoken | Podcasting lite?

  1. This is interesting. I’d listen to your mini-podcast :). I also am an early adopter and have signed up!

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