The Lectio Letter

At the end of last year, I started a writing project called Lectio Letter hence the quietness on this blog in the past twelve months.

I do intend to keep writing for this blog but I will also share previews of the work I am doing for the Lectio Letter.

The project grew out of my need to drum up a budget for buying books. In the last season, I have been working on more and more curriculum development for the courses (Teleios and the M.A. Programme) offered through the Centre for Christian Formation. As I explored resources and approaches to helping those working in ministry deepen their practise and understanding of theology and discipleship I recognised I was going to need to explore much more widely, which ultimately meant buying books!

I hoped, and now have confirmed, that given the number of people who would ask me for book recommendations, as well as those who often report less time to read than they’d like, that I could convince a few kind-hearted folks to ‘sponsor’ me to read and to write some reflections in an exclusive, members-only newsletter (It’s $5 each month).

It’s been almost 8 months and I have managed to publish one every two weeks (meaning for the budget-conscious among you that each newsletter ‘costs’ $2.50), and have been very grateful for lots of gracious and encouraging feedback.

As a reader of this blog, I’d be delighted if you’d consider signing up to help support my book-buying habit and hope that in return you’ll find some value in my reflections.

Should you be less than interested in bookish sounding reflections, I also include a brief update on what we are working on, recommend some music, something worth watching and a plethora of interesting links (much like the link lists I used to post here).

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