Spoken | Podcasting lite?

I’m a serial early-adopter, which basically means that if there is an interesting service online with a queue for trial testers, and enough buzz around the tech world, I’m probably on the beta list. For the last 12… Read More

Practise makes Spontaneous brilliance

I am not a person (by nature 1) who enjoys repetition. In fact, I thrive on changing circumstances. This has slowly shifted the older I get, but when I had a ‘sit-down-at-a-desk’ type job, I had to fill… Read More

Journeying through ‘With’ by Skye Jethani | Part 2

I’m working through an overview of ‘With” (US | UK | Anywhere else by Skye Jethani, read the previous posts here (Part 1) The next few chapters in the book relate to deepening the understanding of the postures… Read More

Getting things doneĀ 

Even before I was working in South Africa I was working in a reasonably self-directive environment. I don’t suspect I am a naturally organised person1, but I’ve developed some skills to pull it out of the bag when… Read More

The Leadership Switch | Noah Kaye

LIAM: I have begun to notice a trend in myself and I realised I was not alone. I’d be moving along in a process with those I was leading, trying to be discussional, create consensus, when suddenly we… Read More

Half way though “Open City”

The Oyster Review just posted their top 100 books of the decade, a dizzying feat which saw their staff read 1000 books in order to make the decision. In their words, naming “Open City” as the number one… Read More

Margins – The Space for friends

I just finished reading Brad Brisco’s post where he discusses the idea of margin. The idea is basically that authentic neighbourly relationship grows out of the margins of our lives, not primarily (or in the long term) as… Read More

The Journey of picking a bag by an obsessive | Tom Bihn Synapse 25

This post is about researching the bag I ended up buying, but more recently I posted an actual review of the bag itself here | The Tom Bihn Synapse 25 | An (exhaustive) review A couple of years… Read More

Six Degrees of caffeination

I take coffee pretty seriously, as you’ll be able to tell if you could come into our kitchen, I have at least 5 different ways to make it and enjoy tweaking variables to find something that tastes just… Read More

A New Venture on the web

Im kicking off 2015 a little late – I wanted to begin the discipline of writing, so here it is. I felt a little hemmed in over at our other site 1, so I thought a blanker 2… Read More