Is ‘Generation Z’s fragility destroying their ability to be discipled? | Short Thoughts

Something has to go… It seems that in following Jesus something within you, that was alive and very much a part of you has to die in order to find the truer life that Jesus is offering. This… Read More

Love is like Ghosts. Few have seen it, but everybody talks | Short Thoughts

“Yes I know that love is like Ghosts. Few have seen it, but everybody talks” – Lord Huron Love is such a central concept (and hopefully reality) in Christian life and thinking. But often, what we have accepted… Read More

Buy Minutes not Data, It just might be more Christian | Short Thoughts

Part of what it means to be distinctly Christian in the 21st-century is to find ways to order our relationships to the many forms of technology that surround us. Christianity is at its core about a body. The… Read More

God Likes Wine | Disconnected thoughts on Wine in Scripture, Society and the Christian life | Part 2

In part one, I looked at wine through scripture and it’s particular relationship to us remembering Jesus. This week, I’m reflecting on how wine operates in our society and how it relates to our Christian life. In our… Read More

Friday Link List | 15th February 2019

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted a friday link list. As ever, I recommend you grab a cup of coffee and enjoy this miscellaneous list (or save it for a slow saturday morning!). There are few… Read More

Friday Link List | 18th March 2016

When I first started this blog, I wanted to start practising writing, but I also wanted to point people into the direction of interesting and unusual thinking. For all the ills of the internet age, the ability to… Read More

A quick thought on Heresy

I am writing more frequently these days in my newsletter “Lectio Letter“, but now and again I’m posting some of these quickfire thoughts on this blog too…here is one; Heresy is a term woefully out of fashion. Too… Read More

Why the Pigs had to die – Some Reflections on the Strange Story of the Gerasene Demoniac

Looking at the the story in Mark 5, frankly, it is a completely bizarre story to modern, western ears. (Disclaimer)1 A Man who couldn’t be chained up, with some violent form of possession, is freed from ‘what ails… Read More

Why more thinking, healing and experiencing may be hurting us

I’ve been reading and enjoying the work of Robert Webber recently. Webber led a change in evangelical circles to recover some of the treasures from the early church into our (post)modern mission, worship and thinking. In the appendix… Read More

The Neuroscience of Generosity

I’ve been thinking about acts of giving, generosity and the jewish practise (adopted by many christians) of tithing. It’s a complex category of thoughts that often strike directly at the heart of some of the motivating factors of… Read More