How the Invisible God becomes Visible | Part 2

In part 1, which you can read here, I wrote about the significance of Jesus becoming the image of the invisible God (a phrase from Colossians), and the significance of the idea of imaging God, which began in… Read More

How the Invisible God becomes Visible | Part 1

At the beginning of the book of Colossians is this curious phrase; The Son is the image of the invisible God – Col 1:15 It hit me in a new way as I read it last week. To… Read More

Friday Link List | 18th March 2016

When I first started this blog, I wanted to start practising writing, but I also wanted to point people into the direction of interesting and unusual thinking. For all the ills of the internet age, the ability to… Read More

Why more thinking, healing and experiencing may be hurting us

I’ve been reading and enjoying the work of Robert Webber recently. Webber led a change in evangelical circles to recover some of the treasures from the early church into our (post)modern mission, worship and thinking. In the appendix… Read More

Putting Jesus back together again

Something of a wordplay occurred to me today. I think I have heard it somewhere before1, but maybe you haven’t and so, I’ll share it with you. Making it right before taking communion I’ve been thinking about the… Read More