Plantinga, Calvin and Barth

Here’s Alvin Plantinga on Calvin’s understanding of Holy Spirits ministry from an interview on his relationship to Barth; Moore: Calvin’s understanding of the internal witness of the Spirit looms large for you. Would you give us a brief… Read More

Hearing God with Dallas Willard

God is speaking, He is speaking to human beings, yet so many people’s experience is that they do not hear him speaking to them. I listened to a great short interview with Dallas Willard on his book, Hearing… Read More

Worship in a minor key | James K.A. Smith on Ryan Adams cover of Taylor Swift 1989

James Smith wrote an article on listening to Ryan Adams cover of Taylor Swift 1989. I have to admit to having never listened to either artist. But I thought his reflections on how we depend on the character… Read More

first commandment is the first commandment | Luther

The first commandment, is the first commandment, because it is the first commandment. No one can break any other commandment, without first breaking commandment number 1

We are not our own | John Calvin

We are not our own; therefore let us, as far as possible, forget ourselves and all things that are ours. On the contrary, we are God’s; to him, therefore, let us live and die. We are God’s; therefore… Read More

God creates us not to know everything

But was there ever a language in which the totality of a thing in its essence was communicated fully in words? James K.A. Smith, a Christian philosopher at Calvin College, says no. In his book The Fall of… Read More

Letting Go and not planting the Church you had in mind

Culture is a funny thing. Man-Made to a large extent but completely necessary. Someone once remarked to my wide-eyed insistence that we should “change our worldview”; Changing your worldview is like pushing a double decker bus….while you are… Read More

Link: Israel denies it’s roots by denying refugees | Giles Fraser

It wasn’t until I moved to south Africa that I encountered deeply held convictions regarding zionism and the modern day state of Israel. In the churches I was a part of in the UK, the attitude it seemed… Read More

The Other Worldiness of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a central theme for Christianity, but in trying to talk about it at any length we seem to tie ourselves in knots. A few simple sentences can call out the character of forgiveness in abstract but… Read More

The Way not just the Truth

For those of you who know me, you will know I am not a proponent for thoughtless Christianity, but for those of us who are inclined to the analytical, we need reminders that we think well in order… Read More