The Tom Bihn Synapse 25 | An (exhaustive) review

This post is the review of the The Tom Bihn Synapse 25, the bag I ended up buying after an obsessive two year research journey, I blogged that process here if you are interested | The Journey of… Read More

Tainan 2015 | Short City Guide

We don’t travel as much as many people we know, but enough to want to discover the ‘hidden treasures’ of a city rather than simply stick to the tourist stuff. These short city guides will be a helpful… Read More

Jim Orred’s practical guide to travel

A few weeks ago I posted my 9 tips of long-haul air travel, it was one of the most read and commented on posts here so far. Recently Jim Orred a wise and oft-travelling friend who I respect… Read More

The temptation of this age is to look good without being good.

“The temptation of this age is to look good without being good.”

Everybody thinks about changing humanity. Nobody thinks about changing himself.

“Everybody thinks about changing humanity. Nobody thinks about changing himself.”

I dwell among the people

“I sought to hear the voice of God And climbed the topmost steeple; But God declared, “Go down again, I dwell among the people.”

9 things that make a difference on a long-haul flight

Photo: Hong Kong airport last Saturday, waiting for our connecting flight to Kaohsiung, Taiwan Most people only fly long-haul every couple of years for a holiday, if that, but for a few of us, part of our job… Read More

Scripture or Love – The false dichotomy created by the current debate surrounding Homosexuality

I’ve been too busy to be overly attentive to the furor erupting around the supreme court decision to allow gay marriage, but I’ve seen enough around facebook and through media streams to know it is becoming divisive. The… Read More

Spoken | Podcasting lite?

I’m a serial early-adopter, which basically means that if there is an interesting service online with a queue for trial testers, and enough buzz around the tech world, I’m probably on the beta list. For the last 12… Read More

Practise makes Spontaneous brilliance

I am not a person (by nature 1) who enjoys repetition. In fact, I thrive on changing circumstances. This has slowly shifted the older I get, but when I had a ‘sit-down-at-a-desk’ type job, I had to fill… Read More