Links for Friday | 27th March 2015

Maybe you get time to do some reading on the weekends – Here’s my pick of some things to read on the web this week;

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Songs of Sorrow | Songs of Hope – Steve Schallert Review

A couple of years ago, Steve invited me over to play through arrangements for some songs he was working on. After 6 months of playing together there were a number of solid songs and He decided to go after recording them.

After about 6 months of playing the songs he was writing through, both of our commitments pulled us in different directions and I had little awareness of how things were progressing until he sent out a kickstarter email and funded the recording in record time! 1

Fast forward a few more months and Songs of Sorrow | Songs of Hope was released and it has been the most listened to album for me ever since.

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A New Venture on the web

Im kicking off 2015 a little late – I wanted to begin the discipline of writing, so here it is.

I felt a little hemmed in over at our other site 1, so I thought a blanker 2 page may spark some things off.

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Ideas from you!

I have a few ideas in the mix, but I want to hear from you, Dear reader, what should I write about. A title, a theme anything you would enjoy reading something about (I’m shooting in the area of theology, missions, culture etc.)

Who knows you might help me peak some creativity. Head over the the contact page to let me know, or leave a comment here.

  1. which is mostly geared towards letting people into the work we are doing in South Africa. 
  2. which may not be a word.