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Links for Friday | 17th April 2015

Every Friday I’m posting links to things I’ve read this week that I think you might find interesting too –

Next week I’ll be posting a short series of interviews from Steve Schallert about his album “Songs of Sorrow | Songs of Hope”, if you didn’t get a chance to read the review of it a couple of weeks ago, check it out here

There is a new macbook out, and the keyboard geeks are out in force! Normally the mechanism under a key is a kind of scissor mechanism, but apple have just pioneered what they are calling a ‘butterfly’ mechanism to fit it into a slimmer body. A small thing for most, but for those who type for a living..nope, probably still a small thing. Read more here

In recent years the ideas around afterlife in theology have become increasingly divisive, and are only really eclipsed by sexual ethics. On Scot Mcknight’s blog he is reviewing a section in the book “Heaven, Hell and Purgatory” that discusses what kind of continuity our bodies might have (or not) before our bodily resurrection. For some this might seem like the “how many angels can dance on the head of a pin” type argument, but Im increasingly believing (as is the thesis of Skye Jethani’s excellent book FutureVille), that how we imagine God’s future for us, has huge implications in how we live discipleship here and now. READ MORE HERE

Being an IceBerg Pastor – Was an interesting blog this week from the UK Blog “Think Theology” 1, which discusses Pastors organising their time around things which enable them to live out of deep reflection, growth and character. It is helpful, not just for Pastors but for anyone in ministry or who is more self-directive in their daily schedule.

Shawn Blanc, on a similar theme (though directed less solely at those in vocational ministry) talks about saying Yes and No, and then No again, around self-directive vocations (he is an online writer for example), but there are some great focus/time management principles for anyone who has at least some say over how their time is spent 2. READ MORE HERE

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  1. which for those of you who care can be characterised as a evangelical charasmatic complementarian perspective as far as I can discern. 
  2. which now I come to think about it, is surely, everyone at some point during their day. 

Hearing God in decision making

Two weeks ago when I introduced Noah’s post about hearing God in in the midst of change I said’

Surely one of the most stress inducing questions in life for many Christians is What does God want to do with my life?
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Proclaim the Kingdom


Links for Friday | 10th April 2015

Every Friday I’m posting links to things I’ve read this week that I think you might find interesting too

Why every Christian should rightly pass for an atheistThis is not a short read, but it is a fascinating article drawing out the dynamis of the life of faith that means we can never fully apprehend our faith as something static and disconnected from the life of God and our own fragility.
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The Journey of picking a bag by an obsessive | Tom Bihn Synapse 25

A couple of years ago my wife trained to be a coach for a personality test called strengths finders, and I discovered one of the strengths types high up in my results was called “input”. Input basically means you love to collect information, it can be about anything, and it begins to explain while I have over 3000 notes in my evernote file1.

The point is, I love to research, and not like a normal person, I obsess. So, when I finally decided that I wanted to buy a top quality rucksack for a recent birthday, I went into overdrive!
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Six Degrees of caffeination

I take coffee pretty seriously, as you’ll be able to tell if you could come into our kitchen, I have at least 5 different ways to make it and enjoy tweaking variables to find something that tastes just right.

Nowness is a video library related to a bunch of stuff, but someone recently sent over this video Six Degrees of Caffeination – Which is a great short film on Coffee in New York. It also gives a great overview of a few different popular methods that are becoming known as Third-wave coffee making.

My Favourite quote is;

We have it [coffee] at a very vulnerable part of the day, it frames how the morning will unfold… so if you can turn that moment into something aesthetically pleasing..why wouldn’t you?


Links for Friday | 3rd April 2015

1. Here’s some links for the weekend, hopefully yours is one with enough time and space to enter into this story of redemption and again and join Christ in the laying down and raising up!

Awkward Holy Saturday – This is a great review of a book on Holy Saturday called “The Glorious Dark” and an invitation to consider the significance of the saturday where Jesus lay dead.

“…only Christianity insists that a legitimate stage of holiness is hopelessness.”

2. Radioactive Fukushima (the Clean up) – The Boston Globe’s big picture blog was a pretty consistent feature over at my last blog, giving large scale photos which feature news from around the world. Unfortunately they include a payment gateway now which means you can look at 5 articles before become a subscriber! Either way, I become fascinated at looking at what is happening after news events fall away from the headlines. This photostory shows the cleanup which still goes on after the nuclear meltdown at fukushima. The scale is extraordinary.

3. World Travel ‘sweet setup’ – Even though I don’t travel as much as many of my globe trotting friends (I’m looking at you Johnny, Floyd and Noah ) – I do love to read about travel hacks. 1 I love reading how people use technology to be productive while they move.

My name is Mike Dickens, and I’m currently traveling around the world with my wife — Hello from Mendoza, Argentina!. Before embarking on our one-year sabbatical..Read More

4. The praying heart – As a person and as a pastor, I have struggled with developing a daily practice of prayer. Countless people have talked to me over the years about this same challenge…

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CC Title Image: Flickr: Lawrence OP

  1. a hack is something that simply makes something easier, in a clever way! 

6 Things I’ve learnt about hearing God in transition | Noah Kaye


LIAM:Surely one of the most stress inducing questions in life for many Christians is What does God want to do with my life? And deeply connected to that are all types of anxiety related where that might be and how I know God is really speaking? A good friend and leader of ours recently announced with equal part humility and conviction that God is leading him to move with his family to Tanzania, so I thought he’d be the perfect guy to ask.. Noah spent his 20’s pastoring a predominantly African American Mennonite church in Washington DC. When he began asking question about ‘What is Church?’ rather than inflict his learning process on the congregation 1 he decided to move to South Africa around the same time as Rachel and I and has been one of the most articulate and extraverted learners and processors I have met. This unique talent means that when Noah learns, everyone around him learns too and that’s why I invited him to share on this subject.

NOAH: Our family has recently walked through a process of hearing God lead us into a transition for a move to another country (Tanzania). It’s our second international move. Here are some of the more practical things we are learning.

  1. Plant your heart where you are now! It’s totally frustrating for you, and disheartening for those around you, when you let your heart, mind and speech drift into a season and place you aren’t in yet! Bloom where you’re planted until the day you fly away.
  2. Bend your ear to God’s voice. The key is to listen, more than to look. There’s a difference. Our hearts follow our eyes, feet and mouth. Just listen at first. God often starts the transition process through whispers. When you’re hearing consistent whispers in the same direction, you’re likely on the road to transition.
  3. Don’t blow things out of proportion…you’re not that important. Ok, you ARE important, but often we make a much bigger deal out of moving on than God or others do. He moves his kids around. Transition is natural and it’s not the end of the world if its your turn. Relax and enjoy. Give yourself permission to keep walking ahead.
  4. Let your planning follow the “cloud.” Why not lay out your top 3-4 Good/God ideas for the future on the table. Don’t limit your options to only one place at first. You may regret it later. If you’re gonna make a big move, put some competitive ideas on the list of where you end up. Dream! And then follow the cloud of God’s peace. Where does the peace rest? Now, make the call. State it.
  5. Now, test it with an open hand in a small circle. This looks quite simple. Go to people that love you and clearly walk in step with God’s heart and say something like: “We have listened and tracked with God’s leading and we sense he is saying ____! Do you sense we are hearing from God? We don’t want to miss Him.” Then, listen to them and God some more over a period of weeks. Perhaps this will lead to a few adjustments. That’s ok and probably a good thing.
  6. Proclaim it with clarity to the larger circles. Announce the leading of the Lord with joy and grace! Start the practical planning. And take your time with the transition. It’s almost always unnecessary to rush processes like these

Noah blogs at, and you can follow him here on twitter

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  1. his own phrasing. 

Deliver us from Evil

I’m appreciating this short devotional from Ben Myers, a scholar in Australia on the line in the Lord’s prayer – ‘Deliver us from Evil’.
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Links for Friday | 27th March 2015

Maybe you get time to do some reading on the weekends – Here’s my pick of some things to read on the web this week;

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