Steve Schallert INTERVIEW | Part One

A few weeks ago I wrote a review of our friend Steve Schallert’s new album, Songs of Sorrow | Songs of Hope. As I mentioned in the review, the album has been easily one of the most played records this year for me, and so questions have been coming up as I’ve listened and I asked Steve whether he would answer some on here. He agreed, and this is the first part of that interview;

LIAM: So last time you recorded you were unmarried and had no kids, right? How do you think that dynamic impacted the song writing and your style as a musician in general?
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Links for (almost) Friday | 1st May 2015

Every Friday I’m posting links to things I’ve read this week that I think you might find interesting too, this week got a little carried away with itself, so here is the link list on Saturday! See you again monday with the long-promised Steve Schallert Interview


  • Here in South Africa the power grid cycles power through different areas to keep the whole system working. Every few days we lose power for a few peak hours. As someone who grew up outside of South Africa it still feels more of a novelty than a distraction. Here’s a cool video of the Cape Town city bowl which begins during the loadshedding (no power) and then it comes on, quite a jump!

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The Leadership Switch | Noah Kaye

LIAM: I have begun to notice a trend in myself and I realised I was not alone. I’d be moving along in a process with those I was leading, trying to be discussional, create consensus, when suddenly we would hit a point where I would either be highly tempted, or give into the temptation to be strong and directive. Why the sudden switch? Why weren’t there 10 steps between those two forms of leading? I decided to ask Noah Kaye, who wrote here a couple of weeks ago, and I may ask one or two others to chime in on the subject;


Leadership is tricky. The longer I live in it, the less I’m sure I agree with most popular definitions of it.

Here’s one small leadership tendency that my buddy asked me to reflect on: all too commonly, a leader will be leading with grace and consensus making everyone feel involved and heard and then BAM, they switch styles. From gentle to firm. From soft to hard. From diplomatic to direct. And it surprises and hurts people. I’ve done it. I did it a month ago when I didn’t like a direction my team was going. But, why? What happens to cause the quick switch? I suggest two things are most commonly behind this:
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Moments | VIDEO | in New York

As I mentioned last week, I’ve been reading “Open City” by Teju Cole. Most of the book are inner reflections on the city-scapes observed by the main character. This video MOTIONS, has some captivating images of New York City. Take a few minutes, click the HD button, go to fullscreen and watch…

Imagine yourself as a living house. God comes in to rebuild that house. At first, perhaps, you can understand what He is doing. He is getting the drains right and stopping the leaks in the roof and so… Read More

C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity

Links for Friday | 24th April 2015

Every Friday I’m posting links to things I’ve read this week that I think you might find interesting too –


Firstly, if you’ve ever owned an apple device, at some point you’ve wished the battery lasted a little longer, tech blogger marco arment considers what this might looks like across the apple product line here
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Half way though “Open City”

The Oyster Review just posted their top 100 books of the decade, a dizzying feat which saw their staff read 1000 books in order to make the decision. In their words, naming “Open City” as the number one spot was the least contentious decision of the whole escapade.

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The Now – Ray Collins

This is great little 5 minute profile on an Australian miner turned water photographer, some of his captures are really extraordinary. Its Fascinating the forms water take.

Margins – The Space for friends

I just finished reading Brad Brisco’s post where he discusses the idea of margin.

The idea is basically that authentic neighbourly relationship grows out of the margins of our lives, not primarily (or in the long term) as focussed and intentional work. This is counter-idea to the culture of the community I work within and help lead. We are shaped primarily by focussed apostolic values which gives us laser-focus on engaging those who are outside of the kingdom, but something about this post connected with a sense I’ve been having. So rather than shut it down, and move on with the status quo of our DNA, I thought I’d try investigate and diagnose why I think this idea of margins is so key.
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Links for Friday | 17th April 2015

Every Friday I’m posting links to things I’ve read this week that I think you might find interesting too –

Next week I’ll be posting a short series of interviews from Steve Schallert about his album “Songs of Sorrow | Songs of Hope”, if you didn’t get a chance to read the review of it a couple of weeks ago, check it out here
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